Chief Matthew Belsito, Sutton - Chairman               Chief Robert Parsons, Spencer - Vice-Chair

 Chief William Kessler, Mendon/Blackstone - Treasurer            - Secretary

Massachusetts Fire District 7 Mutual Aid Association, Inc.

Mission Statement

The twenty-five communities that make up Massachusetts Fire District 7 (District 7) are organized to provide rapid deployment of resources involving fires, rescues, hazardous material mitigation, technical rescue, water / ice rescue, wildfires, and other emergency situations that occur within the boundaries of Massachusetts Fire District 7, and other geographic areas as requested.Serving a population of approx. 414,691 residents between the 25 cities and towns.

In addition, District 7 provides training for the members of our departments, coordinates mutual aid and interoperability communications throughout the district, as well as providing shared resources for the betterment of the communities that comprise Massachusetts Fire District 7, as created by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.